Quality of Life Podcast – Spartan Restoration and Cleaning

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Now it’s time for Quality of Life Radio brought to you by Cigna Medicare and Aetna Medicare here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier. Hello and good morning and thank you for joining us on this beautiful Tuesday morning. This is the Quality of Life Radio Show.

This morning we have a special guest another special guest on our show is Sean Jennings with Spartan Restoration. Sean is a Florida native. Sean has lived all over the country and has finally been living back in Florida since 2017. Sean has a great passion for skydiving and has made over 200 jumps. Sean is with Spartan Restoration. Spartan Restoration is a property restoration business working on both commercial and residential properties. They work to restore a building to the way it was before an emergency or disaster such as water or fire damage. Spartan is located out of Loxahatchee, Florida and service anywhere between Broward County all the way to Orlando.

Tom and I finish off the show talking about accident insurance and what you can do to purchase a health insurance plan now that open enrollment is over. thanks for joining us we hope that you got value out of being with us this morning please share this with your friends your family your neighbors let them know about the greatest quality of life radio show and remember stay safe keep happy be healthy and enjoy your quality of life.