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November 1st is actually the day one of the open enrollment period for those under 65

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9-21-21 Bob Thornton O’Donnell Impact Windows & Storm Protection

Hello good morning to all of our friends listening in on this fabulous Florida Tuesday morning it is September 21st and I want to welcome you to our Quality of Life radio show. My name is Gary Owen I’m your host And I’m your co-host Tom Bouvier and by the way our show is sponsored by WellMed and Lott Insurance Services.

O’Donnell: Started I went into the army and I served for six years. I’m a little bit a little bit of a cut up I always got my mission done. I left with the roaring grade of an E4.

I started working for a fella doing floor refinishing and painting and I had a knack for growing his business and he came to me one day while I was working and said I can’t do the floors anymore you’re making it too busy. So, I said sell it to me. I went into the floor business and I grew it into a very large respected company which grew into construction which grew into real estate. I had an 18-year career on wall street and when the towers collapsed and the economy collapsed, I collapsed with it and ended up giving my book a business away to big b Barry O’Neal great guy and he’s still at UBS running that business.

I came back down here and my barber said what do you do and I said well right now I’m not really doing anything I ended up re reworking his whole condominium and remembered how much I love being in control of something creating something stepping back and saying I built that and that’s how I got back into construction. I met mike and Rachel O’Donnell and it’s the rest is history. We’ve just been incredibly blessed we have about 75 employees now and it just does my heart so good knowing at the end of the day that we’re making a difference in our community.

  O’Donnell Impact Windows & Storm Protection is a family owned and operated business located right here on the Treasure Coast. In today’s business world, ethics, integrity, and a focus on the betterment of employees can be lacking. Many business owners can easily lose sight of the families and community to whom they are providing service. The company goal here at O’Donnell is to not only bring safety and protection to our customers from storms, but also cultivate an environment of growth, success, and support from employees. We get involved in as many community events as we can and encourage our employees to do the same.   For more information check out  www.odonnellstormprotection.com and call (772) 408-0200.   

October 15th is the first day of the Annual Election Period or annual enrollment period for those who are currently on Medicare. What that date symbolizes is the ability to change your plan for 2022 because all the Medicare advantage prescription drug plans 99 of them have changes and people who are currently Medicare beneficiaries that’s their open window to make a change. So if they’ve been complaining they don’t like something their doctor’s not a network the drugs not covered the way they thought it would be they are able to make a change.

So, it’s the Medicare’s annual enrollment period. By the way we’re fielding a lot of emails and phone calls from clients and prospects about “hey I have received my notice my Enoch the annual notice of change in the mail and it’s telling me my premiums are going up from 14, 60 to 68 a month what gives?” Well, there’s a lot of changes this year in Medicare advantage in Part D prescription drug plans so if you are on a PDP plan, we’re on a Medicare advantage plan not on supplement, not a Medicare supplement.

I know majority of Medicare beneficiaries don’t know the distinction between the two this is why you should call the experts at Owen insurance group at 772-210-1020.

November 1st is actually the day one for the open enrollment period for under 65, individual people who are on the marketplace ACA, Obamacare. The marketplace plans start November 1st and it runs through December 15th and a possibility of going to the end of the year. As of yesterday, the administration has announced that they’re extending the aca open enrollment from December 15th to January 15th.

So, it gives those of you that are out there on an ACA or a health insurance plan another 30 days to make an election so and it’s ironic that so many wait to the last week and sometimes the last day to get anything done.

For more information contact https://www.oweninsurancegroup.net and (772) 210-1020.