Quality of Life Podcast – Madison’s Miracles

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PSL Broadcasters- Hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier August 10th, 2021, Tuesday morning. Facebook live and Tune into WSTU 1450 AM & WPSL 1590 AM or stream live online. Quality of Life Radio Show “Bring relevance constant to listeners to support and showcase our local businesses and provide education and information that will help ensure your quality of life.”

In this week’s show, Tom and Gary go into the details about Madison’s Miracles. Madison’s Miracles is a nonprofit, that helps families with the loss of a newborn baby.

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Christine Stamper founder of Madison’s Miracles nonprofit, help families with the loss of a newborn baby. This includes helping families with free funeral expenses, support groups, and family counseling. The Cuddle Cot™ system cools the baby allowing the baby to remain with the family thereby providing the family time they want. 

madisionsmiracles.org to donate 

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