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Annual notice of change with Part-D Prescription Plans

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September 14th Eating with V. Veronica Kolibab

It’s time for Quality of Life radio brought to you by WellMed here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier. Hello good morning to all of our friends listening in on this fabulous Florida Tuesday morning and yes, it is fabulous it’s September 14th and I am your handsome adorable host Gary Owen

And I’m Tom Bouvier your co-host.

Today, we have a special guest and long-time friend, Veronica Kolibab. She is here today to talk about her new show called Eating with V.

I know you’ve had this passion about eating and eating healthy and look at you, you’re a walking specimen.

So why Eating With V? I mean what was the inspiration?

Well, I think you remember back in the day I got really, really sick. I was, you know abusing my body was not eating properly and even though I’ve been holistic probably most of my life I just ate the same stuff. Everybody’s normally eating you know pretzels and cheese for snacks and a bunch of crap and so I ended up getting super sick and at that time I had to literally take everything off the plate that I was used to eating. My intention is to share information about Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free and Sugar Free eating! I love to help make the dietary transitions easier and yet still delicious!

I am also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner. I am in love with healthy eating and living. Integrative health is all aspects of our lives and all things we consume (beyond just food) that contribute to our health or lack thereof. It’s never too late to start to feel your best!

Thank you for joining us, Veronica. And remember, Owen Insurance group located at 1611 Northwest Federal Highway in Stuart just North of the Roosevelt Bridge and right behind Key West Diner.

Five things to consider during the AEP in the month of September. 

1. We’re now in Medicare recipients of or clients who have a part d prescription drug plan or a Medicare advantage plan are receiving in the mail of what’s called a knock-a-knock, hey knock on the door, it’s a knock on the door. It’s actually it stands for acronyms for Annual Notice of Change and what that document does it shows tells people what changes the current plan that they are in what changes will take place beginning January 1st of 2022.

Most people use it for a door stop they throw it in the trash they think it’s nothing but clients really should pick it up open it review it. If they don’t like the changes or even if they think these are good changes, they need to know what changes are coming about because I’ve talked to so many people come January, I didn’t know my premiums or my deductible or my copay for my doctor is going up by ten dollars.

Not only that but remember the letter that we got from one of our clients on their Part D Plan? They’re paying 14 and 60 cents for is going up I cannot believe 68 drug dollar prices are going up yeah wow so folks listen I’m going to tell you right now if you sit on your duff and you don’t do enough, you’re going to get rough so review you’re a Knock because you are going to see some changes this year.

    2. Speak to a licensed independent Medicare agent to conduct your thorough review because it’s important that you work with an unbiased independent agent who’s been doing this for a while. Make sure that whoever you deal with, if it’s not us, it better be us but if it’s not us, we understand. You know we can’t please everybody no we try but make sure that the agent you’re working with is independent they represent all the carriers not just a handful absolutely.

    3. Review the plans cost co-pays deductibles is maximum out-of-pocket so these are the things you want to discuss with that independent agent if you have a high that’s a bunch of poop [Laughter] and we’ll help you out of the loop.

    4. Understand the plan’s benefits in coverage rules because benefits change. They can be taken away, there could be some new benefits added there could be new gym memberships added some Medicare advantage plans are now including meals and some more including acupuncture and things of that nature but again it’s important to know your rights benefits and options.

    The only way to do that you don’t rely on tv personalities or football hall of famers or movie stars to get your Medicare for the love of Jesus don’t do it otherwise you’re going to be in major problems and there’s not enough crosses for those of you that take that route.

    5. Review the plan’s formulary, the formulary means what drugs are covered it also includes in that what tier level, what copay, what deductible might apply to the medications. This applies to not only the Medicare Advantage Plans that include prescription drugs but the stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans.

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